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  • UPDATED: Web Beans Webinar

    On May 19th, Pete Muir, JSF 2.0 Expert Group member and Web Beans implementation lead (if I recall correctly) will be leading, in conjunction with The Aquarium, a webinar covering the forthcoming Java Contexts and Dependency Injection JSR (JSR-299, formerly known by the JSR’s former name, Web Beans). Unfortunately, that’s right in the middle of the Oklahoma City JUG’s meeting, so I can’t make it, especially since I’m this month’s speaker. For those of you that won’t be attending the OKC JUG tomorrow, this should be a good session on a great spec. I hope to catch the recording. Not as good as attending live, but it’s all I’ll be able to manage.

    Dan Allen was nice enough to point out that I misread the announcement, which means OKC people can hear me talk AND attend this webinar. Win win! (win! ; )

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