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  • Testing Spring Repositories with Flyway

    With my recent job change, I’ve gotten a chance to use Spring Boot in anger a bit. It’s been fun, and I’ve learned a fair bit about the current state of Spring (I still love you, Jakarta EE!). One of my tasks involved adding a query method to a repository, and I wanted to make sure the query worked before I pushed it upstream. To do that confidently, of course, required a unit test. In this post, I’ll show how remarkably simple it is to test Spring Repositories using Flyway to set up schemas and test data.

  • When Testing with a Different Database Chokes on Your DDL

    I recently found myself writing a test that needed a database. Unfortunately, our testing database, H2, doesn’t support all of the features of our production database, PostgreSQL. This meant that the Flyway migrates used to manage the production database broke in the testing environment. The fix for this turned out to be pretty simple.

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