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  • Grabbing Screenshots of Failed Selenium Tests

    For the GlassFish Administration Console, we have quite a few tests (about 133 at last count). Given the nature and architecture of the application, we’ve chosen Selenium to drive our tests. One of the problems we’ve faced, though, is understanding why a test failed due to the length of time the tests take (roughly 1.5 hours to run the whole suite). Sometimes, we can look at the log and know exactly what failed, but not the why. Did the screen render correctly? Did, perhaps, the click, etc. not get performed (we’ve seen instances of that) leaving the application in a state not expected by the test? Since I usually start the tests and move on to something else, we had no way of knowing. Until now. I finally sat down and figured out how to grab a screen shot when a test fails. I’ve distilled that technique down to its essentials, which I’ll share here.



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