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  • A Seam+JPA/Hibernate on OC4J Maven 2 Archetype

    As a follow-up to my entry on getting a Seam and JPA/Hibernate application running on OC4J, I now have an alpha release of a Maven 2 archetype available for use and testing, with heavy emphasis on testing.

  • OC4J Seam Archetype Update

    Well, that wasn’t hard. I think I have the redeploy issue fixed, and a shared library was the trick.

  • Seam and JPA/Hibernate on OC4J 10.1.3

    On a recent project, the architecture we settled on included JavaServer Faces (no surprise, there, I guess:), JBoss Seam and JPA. The production environment is Oracle’s OC4J, so the stack we chose has to deploy (easily) to that container. While I did get it working, it wasn’t easy, nor was it easily reproducible. Now that the pressures of deadlines have passed, I took the time to track down what exactly needs to be done to make the application deploy and run on OC4J. In retrospect, it doesn’t look that hard, but, knowing the pain I went through to make it work, I thought I’d share what you need to know if you’re in a similar situation.

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