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  • FacesTester 0.3 Has Been Released

    After a lot of changes and a long delay, I’m pleased to announce that we have released FacesTester 0.3 tonight. This version has a large number of new features. Read on the for details.


  • FacesTester 0.2 Has Been Released

    Today we released FacesTester 0.2. While this release has a number of bug fixes and more minor enhancements, one of the biggest new features is injection support. Leveraging the InjectionProvider Service Provider Interface (SPI) provided by Mojarra, FacesTester now supports the automagic injection of mock/test objects. For example, the following managed bean:


  • FacesTester Can Now Test State Saving

    In my experience, a pretty common bug with custom components is improper state saving. Since JSF components are, currently, stateful, it’s important that custom components integrate with the frameworks state saving mechanism correctly. Unfortunately, it can be an error-prone process, as it’s a manual effort. Now, however, custom component authors can use FacesTester to exercise this aspect of their components to help insure proper state handling. This article will show how to use this new feature of FacesTester.

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