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  • Import Maven Artifacts to Ceylon Repos

    In trying to come up to speed on Ceylon, I’ve run into some issues with module import dependencies. I’m pretty sure they’re all pilot error, but it was suggested that I import the jars into the Ceylon repository and specify the dependencies between the modules. This would, effectively, be functionally the same as the <dependencies> element in the Maven POM. In classic geek, over-engineer-the-solution fashion, I cobbled together this shell script. It could be more elegant, but it seems to work, and it was much simpler than a Java implementation using the Maven APIs. :)

  • Ceylon: a First, Quick Take

    Last week at Devoxx, Red Hat announced the release of Ceylon 1.0, "a modern, modular, statically typed programming language for the Java and JavaScript virtual machines." A fan of learning languages, I started taking the tour. In no particular order, and without any lengthy rumination, here are my initial thoughts on the language.

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