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  • JavaFX and AsciiDoctor: a Quick and Dirty Hack

    You may or may not have noticed ([1], [2]), but I’ve been spending a lot of time with AsciiDoc lately. While it might simply be a case of noticing what you’re thinking about, it seems the tool has been gaining more and more momentum. From AsciiDoctor to Awestruct, to Jason Porter’s Maven plugin, it seems to be everywhere. At any rate, in need of a break, I wondered if I could leverage AsciiDoctor’s Java integration library and JavaFX to make a simple editor. It’s basic and ugly, but here’s what I have.

  • DoctorFX

    Earlier today, I wrote about a quick and dirty hack I put together to create a very simple editor for AsciiDoc files. While I have no immediate plans to make this a full-featured editor, there’s a part of me that can’t help but hack on it. This evening, I added support for loading and saving files. In fact, I’m using the editor to write this post. :)

    For those interested in helping (or just need a good laugh :), you can find the code for this oh-so-cleverly-named project here.

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