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  • UPDATED: Web Beans Webinar

    On May 19th, Pete Muir, JSF 2.0 Expert Group member and Web Beans implementation lead (if I recall correctly) will be leading, in conjunction with The Aquarium, a webinar covering the forthcoming Java Contexts and Dependency Injection JSR (JSR-299, formerly known by the JSR’s former name, Web Beans). Unfortunately, that’s right in the middle of the Oklahoma City JUG’s meeting, so I can’t make it, especially since I’m this month’s speaker. For those of you that won’t be attending the OKC JUG tomorrow, this should be a good session on a great spec. I hope to catch the recording. Not as good as attending live, but it’s all I’ll be able to manage.

    Dan Allen was nice enough to point out that I misread the announcement, which means OKC people can hear me talk AND attend this webinar. Win win! (win! ; )


  • Webinar: From Ajax Push to JSF 2.0: ICEfaces on GlassFish

    The GlassFish webinar series is, I think, a pretty valuable resource for regular readers of my blog, as it covers a lot of topics that I cover here. Today’s webinar, "From Ajax Push to JSF 2.0: ICEfaces on GlassFish," is particularly relevant, as it’s a JSF-related session. Here’s the abstract:

    Ted will provide details on how to build and deploy rich web applications with Ajax and Ajax Push (aka Comet) and catch a glimpse of the future with an overview of JavaServer Faces 2.0.

    This presentation illustrates the fundamentals of Ajax Push, covering application design, development, and deployment, drawing on ICEfaces sample applications and implementation. Topics will include network protocols, application-level push APIs, GlassFish Grizzly integration, and the ramifications of the two-connection limit.

    Looking forward to JSF 2.0, we will cover Ajax integration, new scopes and annotations, and custom components.

    I had the opportunity to see Ted present Ajax Push (their term for Reverse Ajax or Comet, if you prefer those monikers) at last year’s JSFOne conference. The ICEfaces demos are very, very slick, and the level of simplicity they managed to achieve is absolutely amazing. If you have any interest in Ajax Push/Reverse Ajax/Comet, you should certainly attend this session. If you are currently using JSF, this is a really good example of the power of component-based frameworks like JSF.


  • Webinar Covering GlassFish’s ASadmin Tool

    Today at 1:00PM CST, the GlassFish team will host a webinar discussing the asadmin utility that ships with GlassFish. Here’s the official annoucment by Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart (webified be me :

    This week’s webinar set presents ASadmin, the GlassFish administration CLI. The GlassFish GUI console is well designed and very well appreciated by the users but GUIs are not best for automation and power users tend to use CLIs for that reason. The ASadmin console has been called the "hidden gem" in GlassFish; hopefully this webinar will make it a bit less hidden.

    The presenter is the asadmin lead, Jane Young. We are likely to also have a panel on the value of asadmin with two non-Sun heavy users of asadmin: Dan Allen and Dick Davies.

    This is a free, online, presentation. The presentation will be recorded and made available later for replays.

    Presentation Date/Time: Jan 22nd, 11amPT - Other TZs Online at Ustream. Concall for Speakers (others, please mute with *6) Toll Free: (866) 545-5227 Int’l Access: (215) 446-3648 (caller paid) Access Code: 3535518 Additional details: here



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