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  • Maven and Annotations: Not as Easy as It Should Be

    Over the past year or so, I’ve been slowly migrating — somewhat accidentally — to Maven. I had even begun migrating the build environment for Scales from Ant to Maven, but hit a huge roadblock: annotation processing. Scales depends heavily on compile-time annotation processing, and the only thing I could find on the web was other people with the same problem. As I was working on some of my JSFOne examples, I really wanted to use Maven, as the NetBeans support is a lot cleaner with Maven versus an externally maintained Ant build file, so I set to with renewed purpose. Finally, I seem to have found the right query string, as I appear to have solved my problem. The solution? Ant.


  • Dependency Management with Ant and Ivy

    One of my long-standing complaints with Ant is that project dependency management is non-existent in the core Ant distribution. Many will quickly point to the Maven Ant tasks, but I’ve never been really fond of them for one reason or another. The other advice I often get is to use Ivy, but even after several attempts, I had never gotten Ivy to work. With the recent release of 2.0 beta 1, though, I thought I’d try again, and I’m glad I did. Not only have I gotten it to work for me, but I was also able to successfully configure custom resolvers. Below is what I had to do to migrate the Mojarra Scales dependency management to Ivy.

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