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Thank you, Sun

I’m a bit hesitant to post this as I’m afraid that it may come across as self-congratulatory, which is not my intent at all, but I think Sun deserves an "atta-boy."

Recently, Sun sought to reward various contributors who they felt have been a boon to GlassFish. On two different occasions, I have been blessed to be recipient of Sun’s largess. At JavaOne 2007, which I was unable to attend, I was selected as one of the (first?) GlassFish Champions, and awarded an engraved iPod Nano (which I’m enjoying now :). Most recently, I was selected as the winner of GlassFish’s Fish for a TV competition. I’m extremely flattered by both honors, and I can’t thank Sun enough for wanting to reward its community members (and me in particular). I think it speaks volumes about Sun’s seriousness about Open Source.

At any rate, I don’t want to dwell too much on me on this blog, but I felt that Sun deserved the press. By the way, here’s a picture of the TV, which we are enjoying immensely. :)

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