Coming Up for Air

Another RI Sandbox Progress Report

With some help from Ryan Lubke, a number of issues have been fixed in the RI Sandbox, including: * "Standard" Attribute Support * Update various CSS files * Make the tabs default to something prettier

and several minor fixes here and there. Having done that, I’ve bumped the version (which I have been awful at maintain thus the jump from 0.1 to the seemingly arbitrary 0.7) to 0.8, leaving us with this road map.

  • 0.9

    • Custom icons in the TreeView (587)

    • Slider component (590)

  • 1.0

    • Fix HtmlEditor 404s (594)

    • Possible DataTable component (591)

  • Post 1.0

    • Lazy loading the tree (588)

    • Animations (585)

    • MyFaces support (564 - I may just make these all 1.2-only since MyFaces 1.2 finally appears to be close)

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, etc., please let me know here or in the issue tracker.


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