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Firefox, Wine, and Linux

Wise or not, I recently made the move to Linux on my work machine. For the most part, it works wonderfully. For reasons that aren’t too terribly relevant here, I found myself needing (or wanting) to run the Windows version of Firefox. While I could run it successfully, it wouldn’t connect to the internet. After a whole lot of digging, I finally found the answer, which I thought I should document here with the hope that it will be easier for others to find (including me when I go through this again in a few years ;).

The culprit, it seems, is a couple of Firefox settings: browser.tabs.remote.autostart and browser.tabs.remote.autostart2

Once you have Firefox running under Wine, go to about:config in the browser, and enter remote.autostart in the Search box, and change the value of both settings to false:

wine firefox prefs

Restart Firefox, and you should be golden.

For what it’s worth, credit where credit is due: this is the post that finally got me over the hump.

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